25 Oct

A family house is the first priority of every vulnerable homeless person

Strive Foundation Rwanda has been a key provider of housing support to most vulnerable community members. SFR’s Vulnerable CHH are considered to be those who have multiple barriers to achieving shelters due to challenges such as poverty, health and mental health issues, trauma, newcomer settlement challenges, and disability, amongst others. These groups sometimes struggle to find basic needs like shelter, food, school fees and healthcare. To leave no stone unrolled, SFR caters for all the needs of its vulnerable people...

27 Sep

SFR initiated awareness-raising and mobilization on ASRHR among students through school club initiatives known as “YEWE CLUBS”

Strive Foundation Rwanda, a local non-government organization that has a vast experience in social protection for vulnerable children especially child rights protection and promotion, decided to engage in community mobilization for teen pregnancy prevention. Effective 2018, Strive Foundation Rwanda initiated an awareness raising and mobilization on ASRHR among students through school club initiatives known as “YEWE CLUBS” in 10 schools of Nyamasheke and Rusizi Districts. The school club initiatives have enabled students to disclose themselves and talk about sex and changes...

01 Apr

SFR’s contribution to the vulnerable communities all-over the country

In recognition of our sustainable social welfare services, we cordially acknowledged the appreciation certificates awarded to us by our District partners in Huye and Gasabo Districts.  We also appreciate the smooth partnership and all their endeavors to appreciate SFR’s contribution to the vulnerable communities all-over the country. We are confident that this corporation will go on in the struggle to improve the livelihoods of our beneficiaires in all parts of Rwanda. ...

03 Jul


SFR presented its assessment findings on the level of implementation of UPR recommendations accepted by the Government of Rwanda on the 27th-02-2020, specifically in Rusizi and Nyamasheke Districts. The assessment where part of a series of activities implemented under a project entitled: Sensitization and data collection on the implementation of the 2015 UPR recommendations in Rusizi and Nyamasheke Districts.  The purpose of the Workshop was to present and discuss the findings of the assessment with relevant stakeholders. In terms of methodology,...

08 Jun

SFR working hand in hand with the local authorities

Regardless of the #COVID19 severe impacts of #stayhome that almost cut-off ties with our beneficiaries, #SFR working hand in hand with the local authorities, we have been able to reach-out to the beneficiaries again. It has really been a very big gap but since our agronomists have been permitted to conduct their normal.activities and this will give us a clear picture on how our beneficiaries are living today. Good news is...

13 May

During this world pandemic crisis 2020

During this world pandemic crisis, several lives have been affected not living behind our Child Headed Household(CHH)- in Nyamasheke and Rusizi Districts and Women in Huye. Our beneficiaries are people who were mainly living hand to mouth (casual laborers). And during this lock-down, strive Foundation Rwanda in partnership with Human Help Network(HHN) thought about a food and hygiene relief and all possibilities have been put into action to support the most affected vulnerable in our areas of coverage that have...