Strive Foundation Rwanda’s OVCs program provides ongoing support for the welfare of OVCs in Rwanda. This involves provision of school materials, school uniforms, school fees, medical insurance, nutritional training, psychosocial care and assistance in crops production. In addition, support to the most vulnerable families, many of which are headed by children, is provided in the school holidays through various entertainment activities. For example, sports, poetry, singing, dance and continued psychosocial care through group meetings.

Our specific aims are:

• To identify minimum package priority for OVCs in education.
• To provide social and economic protection to CHH and OVCs.
Funded by HHN since 2011, SFR has successfully provided support to many CHH and OVCs, whom have been orphaned due to genocide, HIV/AIDS, malaria or war. This support helped these children and young people to gain access to proper education, health, nutrition, shelter, psychosocial care and ultimately improved economic situations throughout 3 districts of Rwanda. In addition, SFR has supported the training and initiation of youth cooperatives, in order to provide long-term economic support and income generating activities for OVCs.