Kigarama village- Jari Sector-Gasabio District residents are victims of the devastating floods that forced many to abandon their homes and belongings around Kigali city which forced many residents to lose everything, including bedding and basic hygiene utensils, posing significant challenges to their well-being. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Strive Foundation Rwanda stepped forward to alleviate the worry of these individuals and ensure their transition to a more stable environment.

About 300 mattresses, 384 saucepans, 400 basins, 784 plates, and other domestic items were handed over to the flood-affected residents. The aid was carefully chosen to address the immediate needs of the families and promote sustainable sanitation and hygiene practices in their new homes. The donation of mattresses will provide comfort and improved sleep conditions, while the provision of saucepans and basins will enable them to prepare meals and maintain cleanliness effectively.

Usually, SFR and Gasabo District designed a very healthy partnership aimed at ensuring a sustainable solution to the lives of vulnerable people in the District, and this can be traced way back even during COVID-19 tough times when different food and hygienic materials were provided to the most affected