28 Oct

SFR and HHNetwork’s Cow approach/Livestock farming has really changed the economic status of the beneficiaries

strive Foundation Rwanda and Human Help Network have always struggled to fight malnutrition and boost agriculture to provide a source of incomes to the poor child headed Households and improve their economic status. The program is implemented in Nyamasheke and Rusizi Districts, as a part of the Rwandan vision to move from a low-income country to a middle-income country. This package works in the way that one most vulnerable household receives a cow and, as a refund to the organization,...

25 Oct

A family house is the first priority of every vulnerable homeless person

Strive Foundation Rwanda has been a key provider of housing support to most vulnerable community members. SFR’s Vulnerable CHH are considered to be those who have multiple barriers to achieving shelters due to challenges such as poverty, health and mental health issues, trauma, newcomer settlement challenges, and disability, amongst others. These groups sometimes struggle to find basic needs like shelter, food, school fees and healthcare. To leave no stone unrolled, SFR caters for all the needs of its vulnerable people...