This policy serves as a compass, guiding the implementation across various programs that address many children’s needs. SFR offers psychosocial support through these programs, prioritizing children’s mental and emotional well-being and further promoting nutrition and sanitation practices, recognizing the intrinsic link between health and protection. For families in vulnerable situations, SFR emphasizes improved childcare techniques, proper infant feeding practices, and rigorous growth monitoring for children under five years old, ensuring their optimal physical and cognitive development. The organization also provides medical insurance through community-based insurance, which serves as a lifeline for vulnerable families. Beyond immediate care, the foundation supports education, ensuring vulnerable children have the learning opportunities to thrive. More to that, SFR follows up on the implementation of Universal Periodic Review (UPR) recommendations by the government of Rwanda to create a safer and more secure environment for children in Rwanda in the context of promoting child rights in the Districts of Nyamasheke, Rusizi, and Huye with all possibilities of scaling up the program. These initiatives, grounded in SFR’s child protection policy, collectively demonstrate a holistic approach to child protection, emphasizing immediate welfare and long-term development.

Join us to support and protect children; We are accountable to every child!