Disability is part of being human. Then what happens when somebody is disabled? That is why, Strive Foundation Rwanda has strengthened its disability inclusion under its crosscutting program protocols to take good concern for the lives of disabled communities to enable them to become mobile, remain healthy, and participate fully in community life. SFR’s concern here is children, and we have taken the initiative to provide exceptional support to these children with body disabilities which came in form of 8 wheelchairs provided to the children from the National Union of Disability Organizations of Rwanda(NUDOR) on 7th November 2022 in the district of NYAMASHEKE.

Strive Foundation Rwanda has also provided numerous outfits and jelly to various people with the disability of Albinism both in Huye and Nyamasheke Districts.

Through the local authorities, SFR identifies disabled children and takes the initiative of providing the available support as organized. Most times, it is not easy to mobilize enough funds to acquire adequate materials for all of them, which is why we select the most vulnerable ones.


Strive Foundation Rwanda and its partners will continue to do their best of supporting disabled children with any available support with the purpose of enhancing their lives and keeping them motivated because disability has never been an inability.