17 Feb

We empowered and trained our youth in Butare Sector – Rusizi District

Apiculture requires patience and commitment but again derives a sustainable income for the beneficiaries and their communities. We empowered and trained our youth in Rusizi District’s Butare Sector on better Beekeeping skills and equipped them with modern materials and tools like advanced beehives and related wears used, this has enhanced a great an impact which can be vividl.y observed today. Bee-keeping in Butare Sector has now stabilized with increase the number of beehives where 32 and 26 of them are occupied...

07 Feb

Increasing vegetable production in Amahoro Cooperative

 The Amahoro Cooperative Members in Mukura sector Huye District have now diversified their farming techniques towards increasing vegetable production and innovation meant to fight hunger and generate household incomes for every member. The number of members has also increased the initial from the initial 22 to 123 members and more than 200 indirect beneficiaries that include their spouses, children, and relatives. ...

07 Feb

Radio Program Initiative For ASRHR(Adolescent & Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights )

In a period of close to 2years, schools have undergone serious challenges of COVID19 lock-down measures not only in Rwanda but also globally. In the same context, since schools resumed, still there have been tight restrictions that also in the same case hindered the effective functionality of the YEWE club school practices and also reversed the advancement of these clubs. However, School closures also led to less access to information about sexual and reproductive health. As a result, “There was an...

28 Oct

SFR and HHNetwork’s Cow approach/Livestock farming has really changed the economic status of the beneficiaries

strive Foundation Rwanda and Human Help Network have always struggled to fight malnutrition and boost agriculture to provide a source of incomes to the poor child headed Households and improve their economic status. The program is implemented in Nyamasheke and Rusizi Districts, as a part of the Rwandan vision to move from a low-income country to a middle-income country. This package works in the way that one most vulnerable household receives a cow and, as a refund to the organization,...