In the Women cooperative of Ingoro Ihuje Ababyeyi in Tumba Sector-Huye District have now diversified their cooperative activities from producing single type of bricks to more than 2 different types of blocks. The cooperative now produces modern mult-holed bricks which save clay ad also long lasting. Though these bricks are not familiar at the local market but the cooperative members managed to get clients in a short period after producing forty-eight thousand and fifty bricks (48,050) modern bricks. These bricks are produced using modern machines provided by SFR in-order to increase production and fully meet the demand of bricks at the market not only in Huye-District but also the entire Rwandan communities.
Since clay is extracted from the wetlands and with time it is exhausted and the suitable activity is to cultivate rice in the valley in-order recover the swamp back to its position, which has great impact not only on the environment but also their food security for the cooperative members.