SFR organized a workshop for headmasters and teachers in charge of clubs in order to get a common understanding on YEWE Clubs, share progress, challenges, lessons learnt and the next steps. The workshop took place in Progress Hotel on 14 th June 2019, from 9h00 to 2h00.

Strive foundation Rwanda provides different supports specifically Health promotion, Nutrition, psychosocial care, Education and Improved agriculture, livestock, social protection and capacity building to Child Headed Households in Nyamasheke and Rusizi Districts.

However some young girls supported for by strive foundation Rwanda in general and in education in particular dropout of schools before graduation due to teenage pregnancies. Some of the causes are lack of information, lack of self-confidence, lack of life skills, lack of life ambitions etc. In this regards, since 2018,

Strive Foundation Rwanda initiated 10 Yewe Clubs in 10 day secondary schools in order to contribute to fighting against teenage pregnancies among young girls. Through YEWE clubs, young students are empowered to identify their problems, analyze their causes and possible solutions. Then, Club members are equipped with skills to develop and perform art drama in order to sensitize, advocate and raise awareness about teenage pregnancy and other problems faced by students and youth in general.

Since April 2018, after training, Yewe clubs started their activities and performed art dram on different topics in their schools. Through their works, some girls became aware of consequences of unplanned pregnancies, how they can avoid them etc. Also, some schools took decisions in response to the problems highlighted in Yewe clubs performances.