SFR was founded in 2003 to fight for social justice and equitable development in four key programmatic areas: Health, Education, Women and Youth empowerment and cross cutting programs of Inclusiveness, Environment and Gender. The key strategy of SFR is to empower people to help themselves and advocate for the services they are entitled to.

After the catastrophe that befell our country in 1994, a lot of things changed. The lives of the general population were affected especially by the war and the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi which left people homeless, poor, orphaned & widowed while many had contracted diseases such as HIV/AIDs etc.
In an overview of the general situation of Rwandans in 2003, Rwanda was still in an appalling situation despite the government fighting tooth and nail to cover the wounded souls. It’s from this background that SFR was founded to address the then-alarming situation with much emphasis on the social economic empowerment of vulnerable people.