After identifying that there’s often no tradition of kitchen gardens amongst our Child Headed Household in Rusizi and Nyamasheke Districts, many people can’t grow the vegetables they need for a good diet. Or they spend lots of money on vegetables, or their health suffers from lack of vegetables.

There are several reasons why it may be difficult to make a kitchen garden, or if you have made one, it is not successful. For example: pests, diseases or livestock have destroyed the crop;
• No good seed or seedlings;
• Lack of space;
• Lack of water;
• Lack of fertility;
• No spare time;
• Lack of the right skill

Before, Strive Foundation Rwanda goes as far as constructing a kitchen garden, the above requirements are provided to the vulnerable family and after the Child Headed Household family is sensitized mentored by the assigned field Agronomist team of Strive Foundation Rwanda in-order to solve these sorts of problems, and so help the family to be able to manage and grow good produce from their kitchen gardens.