SFR views Good Governance as a key crosscutting issue throughout all of the thematic areas in our programs. However, in addition, a direct approach to promoting good governance and civic participation is also necessary. SFR’s specific aims in Good Governance are:
• To promote good governance and full civic participation as key crosscutting issues.
• To ensure all Rwandan people have universal access to and full participation in civic, social and economic life.
• To train and advocate at all levels of government and civil society in the rights of vulnerable groups.
SFR is currently implementing three projects that enhance good governance and civic participation. Firstly, with the EU and Handicap International, as of 2013, SFR has been implementing a project on “Strengthening the Civic, Social and Economic Participation of Vulnerable Populations”. The project is aimed at improving access to basic services as well as the promoting inclusive citizen participation in civic life and decision-making. Specifically, this is based on community outreach, support groups, training, literacy, education and so on.

Secondly, our Child Headed Households (CHH) involves an element of good governance and civic participation promotion. Within the project, SFR is responsible for advocating for improved services for CHH and other vulnerable groups, economic empowerment, training on legal issues and service delivery and facilitating children and youths in CHH to be fully incorporated members of society.

Similarly our Women’s Economic Empowerment involves advocacy for improved service delivery for vulnerable women, training women in good governance and promoting women’s participation in decision making.

In the past, SFR has also implemented a Child Rights and Protection project, which has involved training local government leaders and civil society leaders on child rights and protection. This also involved strengthening locally based ‘Child Protection Committees’ with capacity building training.