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Our aims for combatting GBV are:

• To fight GBV with community awareness campaigns
• To economically empower vulnerable women through cooperative formation, IGA facilitation, and help in accessing financial institutions

In the past, SFR has partnered with UN Women to implement a community-policing project in order to fight gender-based and domestic violence at the grassroots level.

Those groups living with disabilities, both physical and mental, are some of the most vulnerable in Rwanda, often subject to stigmatization and limited opportunity. This program aims to combat both aspects of this through the following aims:

• Advocate equal rights and opportunities for disabled groups
• To promote the participation of disabled groups in civic life
• To provide cooperative management training and facilitation amongst disabled groups
• To provide IGA training to economically empower disabled groups
• To promote the social inclusion of disabled groups

Starting in 2013, SFR has recently partnered with the European Union and Handicap International to provide advocacy and assistance in the promotion and participation of people with disabilities in Rwandan civic and social life.

SFR’s Vulnerable Families program provides housing and income generating support to those families that need it most. This can include Child Headed Households, and families facing daily stigmatization.

The aims of this program are:

• To provide IGA and cooperative management training and facilitation to enable vulnerable families to utilize ECD services
• To provide shelter to the most vulnerable families

SFR is partnered with Human Help Network (Germany) to provide families with shelter and income generating activities. The family shown in the photograph below was stigmatized as a result of one of the children suffering from epilepsy. Consequently the family found it extremely difficult to find housing. SFR with HHN assisted the family by building them the house shown in the photograph below. In addition to living quarters for the family, the house had additional rooms to provide rental income. In addition, SFR with HHN has provided tens of Child Headed Households with proper shelter since 2011.