In far rural Rwanda, Nyamasheke and Rusizi Districts are known for their lush landscapes and agricultural activities. However, like many rural areas, youth unemployment and underemployment have been persistent challenges. Recognizing the potential of beekeeping to address these issues, Strive Foundation initiated 2 bee cooperatives in collaboration with local youth in Rangiro Sector of Nyamasheke and Butare sector of Rusizi District.

Youth development is a critical aspect of nation-building, Strive Foundation Rwanda is playing a pivotal role in empowering young people. Through various initiatives, SFR is fostering on  entrepreneurship, skills development, and community engagement. One such remarkable initiative is the establishment of bee cooperatives in Nyamasheke and Rusizi Districts, providing young Rwandans with opportunities for economic empowerment and sustainable livelihoods.

In Nyamasheke and Rusizi Districts, where agriculture is a predominant sector, beekeeping has emerged as a promising avenue for youth development.SFR, in collaboration with local communities, has managed to establish bee cooperatives aimed at engaging young people in beekeeping activities. These cooperatives provided with; training, resources, and market access to their bee farming products, thereby creating sustainable income-generating opportunities.

The package od support given to the youth in Nyamasheke and Rusizi District includes among others; –

Formation and Training:

The formation of the bee cooperative involves recruiting and training young members on various aspects of beekeeping, including hive management, honey extraction, and marketing strategies. Through hands-on training sessions and mentorship programs, youth were equipped with the necessary skills to become successful beekeepers.


Community Engagement and Sustainability:


The bee cooperative not only empowers youth economically but also fosters community engagement and environmental sustainability. Members of the cooperative are actively involved in environmental conservation efforts, promoting the importance of bee habitats and biodiversity conservation. Additionally, the cooperative engages with local communities through educational outreach programs, raising awareness about the significance of beekeeping and its positive impact on livelihoods.

Economic Impact:


SFR’s economic impact of the bee cooperative has been substantial, providing young people with a source of income and reducing dependency on traditional forms of employment. By selling honey and other bee products, youth members have been able to generate sustainable income to support themselves and their families. Moreover, the cooperatives have created ripple effects in the local economy, stimulating job creation and fostering entrepreneurship among youth.

Therefore, SFR establishment of bee cooperatives in Nyamasheke and Rusizi Districts exemplifies the transformative power of youth-focused development initiatives. Through Strive Foundation Rwanda, young Rwandans are not only gaining valuable skills but also contributing to the economic and social development of their communities. As Rwanda continues on its path of progress, investing in youth empowerment remains a cornerstone of sustainable development, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come. And the organization and its partners are hoping to continuously increase youth support in future in-order to achieve its mission of advocating for social justice and economic empowerment opportunities for vulnerable group who include the youth groups.