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Project Description

Adolescent and youth reproductive health promotion needs to receive proper attention in order to protect young people from adopting risky behaviors that could negatively affect their lives in future.

In the same outlook, Strive Foundation Rwanda administration is focusing more attention on the needs of these youth to ensure a healthy transition to adulthood empowering adolescents to act positively and effectively when confronted with difficult situations during their learning eras.

The main concept of establishing YEWE clubs is that school health clubs in Nyamasheke and Rusizi Districts needed to address Sexual and Reproductive Health issues among adolescents within those Schools. Mostly, the targeted beneficiaries are school going adolescents, and are trained in schools to serve as peer educators in their schools and communities for the dissemination of SFR information and they will provide guidance to their schools and colleagues. SFR training Manuel is developed and used for the trainings. The targeted age group has increasingly become victim of Sexual and Reproductive Health problems, which has endangered the lives of so many school adolescent.

SFR’s Logic behind the formation of YEWE Reproductive Health Clubs in Schools was to:
• Creating informed decisions on sexual matters, and avoid sexual immorality in schools and their community during school vacation days.
• Recognizing and avoiding situations and behaviors that are likely to pose risks to sexual health.
• Prevent/condense the number of unwanted, high-risk pregnancies
• Check/condense risky behaviours and improve knowledge, attitudes and skills for prevention of STIs including HIV
• Thwart sexual harassment, gender-based violence and aggressive behavior.
• Reduce drop-out rates in girls’ education due to pregnancy
• Promote girls’ right to education.
• Increase the quantity and quality of meals at school for a better health and effective learning.
• Reduce on the delinquency rates within the school boundaries and after school life
Strive Foundation Rwanda, is fully aware that Implementation of adolescent and youth reproductive health services and programs requires the full support of young people, parents, school administration and community leaders plus other influential community members.

Still, Strive Foundation Rwanda organizes variety of ways to conduct health promotion for adolescents including school education, peer education, community conversation, and family life education. Peer education is one of the effective strategies used to improve young people’s reproductive and sexual health outcomes by providing the knowledge, skills and beliefs necessary to lead healthy lives, the kind of health promotion messages appropriate for YEWE club adolescents depend on their age and living arrangements in school.

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