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Project Description

As it’s always been Strive Foundation Rwanda’s vision to enhance the social protection of vulnerable groups in Rwanda and promote increased social welfare, several Child Headed Household families in Nyamasheke and Rusizi Districts in the western province of Rwanda where given live-stocks (cows) so assist them in their day today incomes at home.

In reality, social protection is a costly and challenging endeavor, by any means; the question remains how best to implement programs that effectively aid the people who need it the most

Strive Foundation Rwanda’s Social protection encompasses a set of actions financed by the its self with the aim of : supporting CHH individuals and families in dealing with vulnerabilities throughout their lifecycle; helping especially the poor and vulnerable groups to become more resilient against crises and shocks; favor social inclusion and support families, particularly the most vulnerable to.

Fortunately, these cows have given birth and today, they have household production of milk, some of these families include;

In Butare, Nyakabuye and Bweyeye plus Nkungu sectors-Rusizi District, Strive Foundation Rwanda’s beneficiaries have highly appreciated and benefited from the live-stocks, that today lives have changed to a promising level. The wastes of these live stocks are a hot cake for our beneficiaries in the context of manures for their gardens to enhance their productivity during harvesting of both food and cash crops.

The same successful story is told by our beneficiaries in Nyamasheke District, where we have a big number of beneficiaries and cover-up more sectors like Kagano, Kanjongo, Rangiro, Ruaharambuga, Karengera and Bushenge.

In a nut shell, today SFR has built a stabilized social protection structure that has tackled poverty and inequality, enabled the poor to move out of poverty, aided to moderate vulnerability, plus improving health and education among Rwandans, and this subsidizes to economic growth and strength of the nation and this will focus on helping poor households move out of poverty while also building community cohesion.