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Project Description

Given that Strive Foundation Rwanda intimately focuses on serving the most vulnerable communities, while pregnant mothers and children are focal vulnerable groups, the organization is very concerned about the health and development and nutrition of a child and mother during pregnancy and in the first years of a child.

Every child requires the right feeding at the right time in-order to grow well and enjoy a bright future. In Nyamasheke and Rusizi districts, in the Western Province where SFR has many of its activities, the organization has registered awesome progress in handling malnutrition issues through its community outreach programs of sensitization, partnering with different stakeholders and working closely with the local authorities and Community Health Worker to extend relevant nutritional knowledge of improved nutrition practices.

The organization’s well trained and experienced nutritional workforce at the different health centers not only educate the masses about nutrition but also take an extra mile to visit homes in the villages and do follow-ups with expectant mothers in a manner of mentoring and sensitizing them on how to prepare themselves and get ready to care of their children. This is done through the nutritional program of the ‘1000 days’.

SFR organises sessions of cooking demonstrations at community and village levels to illustrate practical best practices in nutrition basically aiming at imparting knowledge in the beneficiaries. Practically, a menu is set, food staffs and ingredients are put in place plus all other necessities to prepare a balanced meal and the cooking is demonstrated by the nutritionists and the food is shared by the mothers and their young ones.

Though this may seem quite expensive in-terms of finance, we organize the members of the community to contribute the little they can to supplement on what we have to offer. SFR also provides basic knowledge on how to grow the same food crops in order to increase their access and minimize the financial constraint. In this context, a kitchen garden is designed and made by Strive Foundation Rwanda’s experts to accommodate the growth of a variety of vegetable species that help in fighting malnutrition.

For many years, Strive Foundation Rwanda has provided physical food to the beneficiaries but later we learnt that this isn’t sustainable at all but rather, we opted for teaching them the proper skills of kitchen gardening as the only sustainable solution for Malnutrition within the communities.

Today, many households that have embraced the kitchen garden program have found it easy to eradicate hunger, malnutrition and food scarcity in their families and the community.

It is important to note that not only children are affected by Malnutrition, but also adults and so the same program of kitchen gardening supports them in overcoming the health risk plus all its disadvantages.

We are proud to work towards a health tomorrow.

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