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    Once you meet Charlotte MUSABYIMANA, that’s when you realize it's impossible to know her pain in pictures. An orphan and vulnerable born Albinos in a poor family with a single mother in the remote areas of Nyamasheke District, Charlotte MUSABYIMANA aged 21years has ever found herself living a lonely and depressing life after recognizing how appearing with a different in the community. She was ever mocked and ridiculed both at school and village-mates till she was tempted to drop out of school. After losing the mother in 2017, Charlotte was advised move to her maternal Uncle’s home since she was still a minor, unfortunately her Uncle also passed on in 2018 leaving her in a terrible and worst condition ever after living in trouble and conflicts with maternal uncle’s family members and facing discrimination acts hence ending up being kicked-out of the family to seek asylum in the neighborhood. Unable to attend school. Unlikely to have friends. Eating and drinking became a big challenge. She is suffering because no one can support her live a normal and safe life. After dropping out of school, SFR, sponsored her for a TVET training in tailoring but she was unable because of her limb disabilities, today she says she can go for handcraft technical trainings. However, Strive Foundation Rwanda has been basically supporting her with all scholastic materials, medication for her skin complications before, but after dropping out of school she needs housing support, food, clothing and consistent medication to treat her skin infections. Therefore, We call for everyone’s support towards the life of Charlotte Musabyimana to leave a life. SAVE-ALIFE!