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 With having the vision for the health program of “promoting and expanding access to health services at a community level as a basis for improved health outcomes”, Strive Foundation Rwanda (SFR) provides community-based medical insurance to the most vulnerable children in the districts of Rusizi and Nyamasheke through the Child Headed Households project; which has enabled the children be able...



  This is SFR’s practice of providing equal access to opportunities for the most vulnerable people most likely to be excluded or marginalized; these groups may include those with physical and mental disabilities or other minority groups. With inclusivity in education, SFR has always identified these groups in its initiative of implementing Early Childhood Projects. The identified groups included Children with disabilities,...


Day of African Child

The International Day of the African child (DAC) is commemorated every year on 16th June by all member states of African Union (AU), and its corresponding partners. In Soweto,South Africa, on June 16, 1976, about ten thousand black school children marched in a column more than half a mile long, protesting the poor quality of their education and demanding their...


We empowered and trained our youth in Butare Sector – Rusizi District

Apiculture requires patience and commitment but again derives a sustainable income for the beneficiaries and their communities. We empowered and trained our youth in Rusizi District’s Butare Sector on better Beekeeping skills and equipped them with modern materials and tools like advanced beehives and related wears used, this has enhanced a great an impact which can be vividl.y observed today. Bee-keeping...


Production of Modern Bricks

In the Women cooperative of Ingoro Ihuje Ababyeyi in Tumba Sector-Huye District have now diversified their cooperative activities from producing single type of bricks to more than 2 different types of blocks. The cooperative now produces modern mult-holed bricks which save clay ad also long lasting. Though these bricks are not familiar at the local market but the cooperative members...