SFR’s milestone in youth Development

In far rural Rwanda, Nyamasheke and Rusizi Districts are known for their lush landscapes and agricultural activities. However, like many rural areas, youth unemployment and underemployment have been persistent challenges. Recognizing the potential of beekeeping to address these issues, Strive Foundation initiated 2 bee cooperatives in collaboration with local youth in Rangiro Sector of Nyamasheke and Butare sector of Rusizi District. Youth development is a critical aspect of nation-building, Strive Foundation Rwanda is playing a pivotal role in empowering young people....


TRAINING OF ASRHR-Yewe Club Peer Educators and Champions on ASRHR  

SFR’s YEWE CLUB initiative is a platform meant to empowered and give the teenagers the opportunity to debate, play drama, play sketches, use songs and poems, home visits and group discussions about adolescent and sexual reproductive health and rights not only schools but also communities. YEWE CLUBS create a safety net that prevents teenage pregnancy in general since the Rwandan culture, sex remains a taboo and cannot be discussed in the families.   In partnership with the Human Help Network and close...


SFR anchors its child protection initiatives in its robust child protection policy, ensuring a systematic and comprehensive approach to safeguarding children.

This policy serves as a compass, guiding the implementation across various programs that address many children’s needs. SFR offers psychosocial support through these programs, prioritizing children’s mental and emotional well-being and further promoting nutrition and sanitation practices, recognizing the intrinsic link between health and protection. For families in vulnerable situations, SFR emphasizes improved childcare techniques, proper infant feeding practices, and rigorous growth monitoring for children under five years old, ensuring their optimal physical and cognitive development. The organization also provides...


Disaster Support – Gasabo District

Kigarama village- Jari Sector-Gasabio District residents are victims of the devastating floods that forced many to abandon their homes and belongings around Kigali city which forced many residents to lose everything, including bedding and basic hygiene utensils, posing significant challenges to their well-being. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Strive Foundation Rwanda stepped forward to alleviate the worry of these individuals and ensure their transition to a more stable environment. About 300 mattresses, 384 saucepans, 400 basins, 784 plates, and other...