Strive Foundation Rwanda has been a key provider of housing support to most vulnerable community members. SFR’s Vulnerable CHH are considered to be those who have multiple barriers to achieving shelters due to challenges such as poverty, health and mental health issues, trauma, newcomer settlement challenges, and disability, amongst others. These groups sometimes struggle to find basic needs like shelter, food, school fees and healthcare. To leave no stone unrolled, SFR caters for all the needs of its vulnerable people including building their capacity

A family house is the first priority towards of every vulnerable homeless person, which stabilizes them emotionally to plan big development plans. Besides that, we have also encouraged agriculture for food security and persistent household income generation, to boost their farming practices, live-stocks specifically (Cows) have been provided to help not only in Milk production but also organic manure.
At present we expect this approach to reduce the level unemployment and check the rate of rural-urban migration by focusing on sharpening their entrepreneurship skills. SFR capacity building package has gotten the component of empowering the beneficiaries on better and quick income generating activities like rearing of small domestic animals and poultry farming that can influence their saving discipline.

In the images below. Is a CHH family composed by 8 children, the 4 children were born in the family, their headed by Nduwamariya Josepha an elder sibling who takes care of her young ones. Strive Foundation Rwanda, has been by their side through different basic support offered to them like Medical insurance , Education support ,school fees, school materials, Cooking stove, solar lamp, support in agriculture were given fruit trees of avocado, orange and Mangier, milk cow and finally a family house.