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SFR’s YEWE CLUB initiative is a platform meant to empowered and give the teenagers the opportunity to debate, play drama, play sketches, use songs and poems, home visits and group discussions about adolescent and sexual reproductive health and rights not only schools but also communities. YEWE CLUBS create a safety net that prevents teenage pregnancy in general since the Rwandan culture, sex remains a taboo and cannot be discussed in the families.


In partnership with the Human Help Network and close collaboration with Nyamasheke District-Kagano sector, SFR organised training sessions on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights for the out of schools girls. The recent trainings  targeted 89 teenagers among them 14 peer educators, 5 champions and 70 teenager representatives from all villages of Kagano sector. The trainings  focused on body changes of teenagers during adolescence, STI  and the right to make informed choices about one’s own body. To ensure young people’s well, dignity and empowerment, more emphasis should be put on promoting SRHR to also communities made up of non-schooling youth since some of the teenagers do not know their rights and keep silent when abused.


During the trainings the trainees were also given sanitary pads as one of SFR’s support to emphasize menstrual hygiene within the adolescent girls.