Project Description

Strive Foundation Rwanda has made remarkable progress, particularly in delivering education and social protection services to the Child Headed Households in Rusizi and Nyamasheke Districts. The incidence of poverty among the Child Headed Holds vulnerable youth is catastrophe in the western province of Rwanda. In-order to solve such a problem, Strive Foundation Rwanda has put in place different sustainable goal lines that include:- Offering Livestock to the CHH that include Cows as giant live stocks and Goats plus pigs as small live-stocks.

These cows given to our CHH Families not only supply milk, which can be an important source of nutrition and income to families, but also manure, which is a source of fertilizer for crops and biogas for cooking. Well, our beneficiaries’ capacities are very humble, and most of them, it is the first time they have owned a cow. They require a significant level of capacity building support in the form of construction of cow sheds, available pasture, grass seed, training and education in animal husbandry and livestock management and Strive Foundation Rwanda placed field agronomists to help these families to overcome such challenges, of which they have effectively done today.

Strive Foundation Rwanda’s primary objective of providing such support is to contribute, in a sustainable manner, to the increase and diversification of the CHH household incomes, while ensuring food security for all the vulnerable population in Rusizi and Nyamasheke Districts.

Fortunately, majority of these cows have given birth to and the problem of milk is no-longer a challenge to them at all, and later on the calf at 6months is passed on to another family without a calf to also rare and make good yield in future.