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The objective of Strive Foundation Rwanda’s CHWs program is to improve the health seeking behavior of TB patients and suspects as well as enhance TB health care service provision at the community level. This involves mobilizing and motivating CHWs using performance based financing; enhancing the performance of community-based health care using incentives in the form of cooperative formation and income generating activities.

Our specific programmatic aims are:

• To improve linkages between health services and communities through mobilization of CHWs
• To increase the capacity of CHWs with technical support and training on cooperative management
• To improve the health seeking behavior of TB patients and suspects, increase TB detection, ensure DOTS implementation and improve follow up care

In 2012, the program reached 10,808 CHWs organized into 113 cooperatives. The project, funded by the Global Fund through the Ministry of Health, saw SFR implement this approach in seven districts throughout Rwanda – ultimately increasing TB detection, treatment and follow-up rates.

The objective of Strive Foundation Rwanda’s HIV/AIDS program is to improve the economic situations and livelihoods of vulnerable people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS through income generating activities support, skills and business management training. In addition, the program facilitates improved access to ARV drugs, treatment and care, and is dedicated to sensitizing communities to ensure that everyone is involved in preventing and fighting against the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Specifically, SFR aims to:

• Increased access and provision of VCT
• Community sensitization on the prevention, care and treatment of HIV/AIDS
• Promotion of rights for people living with HIV/AIDS
• Increased assistance in IGA and cooperative formation to those groups made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS

This program, is conjunction with the Global Fund and the Ministry of Health, has involved participatory life-skills based HIV/AIDS education, HIV prevention events, training to empower cooperatives and their members with practical skills (e.g. income generating activities), provision of start-up capital support, for example, milk cows, and campaigns for male circumcision in Nyamasheke district.

The objective of Strive Foundation Rwanda’s nutrition program is to provide vulnerable children and youths with adequate sources of nutrition and hygiene. This program manifests in two projects; Early Childhood Development and Orphans and Vulnerable Children living in child headed households (CHH).

SFR’s key aims in this program are:

• To provide training to parents and CHH on the importance of nutrition and hygiene within the household
• To promote and introduce kitchen gardens amongst CHH
• To encourage links between ECD centers and community health centers for systematic growth monitoring of young children
• To provide one cow per ECD