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Lots of implements have been applied world to surpass the level poverty amongst the vulnerable communities but agriculture comes on top as the most income generating activity in a short run to any community that seems to catch new waves of progress. This comes after Strive Foundation Rwanda’s beneficiaries have highly benefited from Agricultural system designed for them to earn a better life and living in their respective communities.
We have observed positive change driving through lives of various communities that have patiently followed the guidelines through our technical field staff team.
Still, in the lane to rebuke poverty, malnutrition, loneliness amongst Strive Foundation Rwanda’s CHH beneficiaries, lots of menu seed vegetables where provided as a strong measure to protect their lives. And today it’s really a pleasure to find a well adorned kitchen and mother green garden. Majority of the families have highly benefited and saw them growing to sustain themselves due to SFR empowerment. Since food is the key to life security, the idea of bringing up these personalities into the culture of farming can be a strong extent to an enhanced health lifestyle in future. SFR’s filed staffs have been well trained and equipped with enough knowledge and capacity to mentor and guide the CHH families when it comes to agriculture, in the same angle they do apply different mechanism to fit today’s modern technology in farming(Agricultural modernization).

formation of a new kitchen garden for the CHH

Before SFR used to provide inorganic manures in-order to facilitate the effective germination of crops but today it’s a jubilation that these the cows provided do produce Organic Manures that are more friendly to the soil. Some of these families SFR advises them to emphasize on subsistence farming and demands to consume and reserve a few for commercial purposes.

Ready for consumption vegetables for the CHH

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