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STRIVE FOUNDATION RWANDA is one of RWANDA’s leading local NGO, providing emergency relief and development assistance to the needy throughout the country. One of their many projects in South and Western Rwanda are aimed at improving women’s economic empowerment and promote the economic advancement of women by increasing their incomes and access to credit and savings facilities.

Ingoro Ihuje Ababyeyi cooperative members hard working as they load their bricks in a buyer’s lorry!

For womenfolk to enjoy their full human rights, Strive Foundation Rwanda came up with frameworks for women’s economic empowerment to make a significant difference in women’s lives. None other than Amahoro cooperative member and Ingoro Ihuje Ababyeyi of Huye District who have seen our pretty services and have witnessed that building women’s economic empowerment must be done in ways that leaves nobody behind, particularly the most marginalized women at the bottom of the pyramid.

Brick laying was puropsely an activity meant for strong men, but today Huye district SFR empowered women prove to world the that it was just an ill ideology

In this process of expanding their ability to succeed and advance economically, and where they have the power to make and act on strategic life decisions in a context where this power was previously not there.
“Before the project women were unemployed. These women where inferior over men and today we are happy to see that these women have equal contribution in their families and now they earn some good incomes through selling these vegetables, fish, bricks and they take the initiative to thank Strive Foundation Rwanda for molding them into very important people”.

Aktion Tag volunteers on a special visit.jpg

Some of the AMAHORO and INGORO IHUJE ABABYEYI cooperative members added that: “Now, women feel more confident than before because they have the ability to earn more income on their own. In the past, they felt very discouraged and not confident because their husbands were the ones who brought money and food at home”

However, through SFR’s sensitization men also learnt more about their role in reducing gender inequalities and empowering women, changing their attitudes towards women’s Economic roles.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to build on the achievements of the past few decades while addressing the unfinished agenda of bringing an end to discrimination against women and girls everywhere.

In the same context gender equality is not only one of 17 Global Goals that make up the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, but it is also a cross-cutting principle, recognizing that an integrated approach to gender mainstreaming is crucial for progress across all the SDGs.

well prepared bricks of Ingoro Ihuje ababyeyi in Huye District

Before we implement a project at Strive Foundation Rwanda, we first look at its effectiveness to the community in both a short and long run and to the most vulnerable communities. For us to embark on women Economic empowerment, we aimed at strengthening women’s capacity for engaging in income generating activities, and thereby to enhance women’s socio-economic status at household and community level in Rwanda.

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