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Like the names goes ‘AMOHORO ‘ which means Peace in Kinyarwanda, these hardworking women have been so constructive towards their community through fishing farming and vegetable growing.
Having started at alower pase and empowered by Strive foundation Rwanda from 2017 with a 20 memebrs group, it hasnt been an easy journey through because it aslo included losing some members due to the lack of patience and sometimes greed and those who have patiently worked hand in hand with us have witnessed the fruits of success today.
Additionally, after that Strive Foundation Rwanda accepted to support this cooperative, they immediately started funding them in different activities like building a big canalization which reserves water for fish ponds. First of all, the project brought a social worker follow up every activity supported by SFR, give advice and doing community as well as individual social work to cooperative members. Strive Foundation Rwanda built the canalization of 72 meters up to serve 2 fish ponds.




Half Canalization built on support of SFR and it has helped the fish farming activities to run smoothly plus technical personnel responsible for repairing the fishing nets.

Strive Foundation Rwanda also supported the activities of restoring fish ponds, in order to facilitate the action, cooperative members were requested to drain the fish ponds and fish them, then after they had to remove dirties, so that the project brings new seeds of fishes and plant them in the well-equipped fish pond.

These fish ponds are drained sometimes in-order to produce healthy and quality fish products and the activity is done by the cooperative members as seen in the photo below.

Amahoro cooperative members are draining the fish pond

On a mission to kill two birds with one stone, Strive Foundation Rwanda also released funds for a construction of a proper kraal (cow’s house) with an interest of improving our beneficiaries welfare because also the animal wastes gotten/collected is used as Manure for their vegetables. This kraal contains three chambers (2for cows 1) which is divided in two: the guard’s and stock room).

Amahoro cooperative Kraal built on support of SFR

 Likewise, Strive foundation Rwanda has also support the cooperative to restore the Rabbit burrows because the one they had were destroyed and rabbits used to fall into the fish ponds.

Strive foundation Rwanda restored two rabbit  burrows of Amahoro cooperative.                

Strive Foundation Rwanda bought agricultural lime for the cooperative in order to kill microbes which can harm fish as well as draining the fish ponds.











Pouring materials bought by Strive Foundation

Now the following step is putting fishes in the fishponds.

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