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Since 2003, Strive Foundation Rwanda programs have been slowly rolled in Rwanda. People talk of AIDS in Africa, but Africa is a diverse continent, and Strive Foundation Rwanda has been attempting to tackle AIDS in different ways of which majority include World Aids Campaigns (WAD), counselling and Testing services and linking the HIV victims to the nearest health centers in their respective Districts like Kayonza, Ngoma , Kirehe, Bugesera and Nyabihu because the above areas where placed in our hands.

The article also addresses on need of increase in funds to tackle HIV/AIDS and other problems related to the spread of HIV like poverty, Unemployment and drug addictions in the societies of our communities.

As access to treatment has slowly expanded throughout our occupied districts in Rwanda, thousands of lives are being extended and hope is being given to people who previously had none and this though a very strong counselling team in district health centers plus a well trained and equipped Nursing team that is monitored and evaluated by our staff member at the field.

Being friendly to health centers has enabled us to tackle the most affected areas (hotspots), and our necked eyes have witnessed the giant number of friendly people parading to test for HIV, accompanied by our strong mobilization team from Strive Foundation Rwanda, we have managed to triple our targets by exceeding the number of people we are supposed to test.

The prevalence rate in Rwanda has endured relatively stable, with an inclusive decline since the 2005 up to date, partly due to improved HIV surveillance methodology adopted by the Rwandan government. The rate at 3% among adults age 15-49 (4% among women and 2% among men). The prevalence of HIV is higher in urban areas (6%) than rural areas (2%); HIV prevalence is 6% in the capital city of Kigali and 2-3% in each of the other provinces

Broadly, HIV prevalence is higher in urban areas than in rural areas, and women are at higher risk of HIV infection than men. Young women ages 15 to 24 are twice as likely to be infected with HIV as young men in the same age group. Populations at higher risk of HIV infection include people in Prostitution (Female sex workers) and Men having sex with Men (MSM) or the transgender.

Still in strong partnership with our dearest Partners like Global Fund and AIDs Health Care Foundation(AHF) we have really extended these people to friendly counsellors to keep on following them up and later on produce to us there life status reports.

Regardless of some challenges that we do encounter like hunting for these in villages because majority don’t have mobile phones, we have managed to use community Health workers to trace for their location though its quiet expensive depending on the geographical terrain of the area.

More to that, these people need to be kept on a balanced diet in-order to keep them strong and healthy of which this maybe so expensive beyond our propped budget though really in need for the HIV victims to be cared about.

But above all this, we have come to find-out that one the major causes of HIV/AIDs is poverty brought about by unemployment that highly causes prostitution in most hotspot areas of Rwanda. So as Strive Foundation Rwanda, we have tirelessly engaged these people in various groups to find way of helping them.

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