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At Strive Foundation Rwanda, we describe Technical Education as a structured system aimed at providing recipients with the necessary knowledge and skills to continue their studies at tertiary education level or to exercise a profession in order to be integrated into the labor market. Technical Education, on the other hand puts more emphasis on theoretical education.

Kamonyi VTC students in a group photo with Strive Foundation Rwanda administration team

For a couple of years, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) have been an important component within the Rwandan policy to end poverty. A reform of the TVET sector was approved in 2008. I was the main reason as to why two new bodies were created within the Ministry of Education: the Workforce Development Authority (WDA) and the Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centers (IPRCs). The WDA has to organize the TVET strategy at a national level and the IPRCs have to develop into centers of expertise on a provincial level.

Kamonyi VTC main hall during the inaguration ceremonony

Education is essential for economic and social development of a country. Having a well-trained, motivated and adaptable workforce is key. On the same point, the Kamonyi youth VTC Centre regulated by Strive Foundation Rwanda has really changed lives of very many young people and communities in Kamonyi district and Rwandans at-large.

Kamonyi VTC campus

On the 17th-May-2017, both parents and students walked in to the campus premises in Kamonyi district to witness the lucky 37 graduates of that day.

On this colorful day, we were happy to recognize that amongst our student somewhere already employed before the graduation date and had started to earn a few incomes from the knowledge and skill acquired from our VCT in Kamonyi.

Parents and Guardians during the innaguration.

“We thank each and every student for having successfully completed his/her course in your respective departments of Hair dressing and Welding  and from this point of view, I do encourage parents to bring more students to acquire skills that later on determine the development of both our families and nation”,  SFR’s administrator Mr.Ndayisenga Jean Jacques said.

Mr. Ndayisenga Jacques SFR VTC manager handing over a certificate to one of the lucky students together with the parent

All students passed and fortunately none passed with a division 2 distinctions but rather a first class district with girls having the highest points from the hair dressing department and promised to be so competent for they are confident with the knowledge and skills learnt in a period of 9months.

Strive Foundation Rwanda administration team

Finally the event was concluded by parents thanking Strive Foundation Rwanda for the great efforts and promised a holly partnership but also felt they should be persistent at visiting students while at school to make sure students are having an effective education.

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