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Giving back to your community is prized in itself, but helping others also offers many welfares. For example, it can help you learn more about yourself and even put you on a path to your future career. Over the years, our vulnerable work has been immensely satisfying. It exposes us to various vulnerable people we wouldn’t easily meet. Still, Generosity is an important way to stay engaged in our community and to be good citizens. There are ways to give back to your community even when you are low on financial funds or resources. Vulnerable communities need assiduous attention during designing studies with unique recruitment considerations and quality scrutiny measurements of overall safety and efficacy strategies ensuing research. Ethical dilemmas are widely prevalent in research involving these populations with regard to communications, data privacy and satisfying deliberations.

SFR article discusses the homeless as a vulnerable population by using the health-related problems of vulnerable population’s model as a theoretical framework. Specific primary, secondary, and tertiary nursing interventions useful for providing care are discussed and a case study was the recent Nyamasheke voluntary activity, where SFR gave out 6  healthy cows  to 6 families in Karengera sector in Nyamasheke  district plus school uniform garmets given to  a number of sudents in Bushekeri and kagano sectors from the same district, for economically disadvantaged populations, there is a need for resources that are sensitive to the working poor and those who are struggling to meet daily survival needs.

Although government officials and agencies have an important role to play, preparedness is not solely a government responsibility. Individual citizens and families will continue to play a central role and organized efforts by both government and nongovernmental agencies like Strive Foundation Rwanda must be directed to encourage and facilitate informal community-based neighbor-helping-neighbor activities.

On that note therefore, compassion is the best activity that human beings must have done before ordered so. In-fact we don’t give because we have a lot on our reception desk, but rather we think that every human being needs to have support where needed, and its true because we have seen various lives changing and changed by Strive Foundation Rwanda voluntary events.


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