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Strive Foundation Rwanda’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Program
Women’s economic empowerment is a key program of Strive Foundation Rwanda. Our vision for women’s economic empowerment in Rwanda is:
“To advance the lives of vulnerable women through improving access to equal economic opportunity”

Our aims for the women’s economic empowerment program are:

• To facilitate effective cooperative formation amongst vulnerable women through enhancing the skills and knowledge for cooperative management, sustainability, marketing and access to technology and services in order to enhance their economic opportunity
• To enhance the capacity of vulnerable women for entrepreneurship and the capitalization and management of income generating activities
• To improve access to business and financial services as well as SACCO for vulnerable women
• To improve the capabilities of vulnerable women to engage in formal cross border trade effectively within the East African Community market through training in business management, vocational skills and entrepreneurship.

Since 2010, SFR has partnered with Human Help Network (Germany) to provide income generating activities, cooperative management training, skills and educational support to some of the most vulnerable women. SFR now assists vulnerable women in cooperatives that range in their productive capacities from brick making to beekeeping, weaving and rice growing. The cooperatives have also initiated a rotating credit, saving and credit fund, and in some cases, have created emergency support funds. This ultimately contributes to the creation of collective economic security for vulnerable women and their families.

Rwanda’s Education it consists of two sections that is the formal education and the vocational education which is under Ministry of Education but taken in charge by Work force Development Authority. As a result, Strive Foundation Rwanda has sought to tackle these social challenges with interventions in vocational training provision to street children and OVCs since 2010. 
SFR’s Vision in Youth Economic Empowerment is:
“To promote and expand access to vocational skills for vulnerable children and youths as a basis for improved economic opportunity and self-sustainability”

From 2010 to 2014, SFR has recruited 500 youths that were trained in different options according to their wish that to say; youth were recruited in Liquid soaking, construction ,  painting & color mixing,  plumbing, Art & Design from waste materials (garbage recycling) and  tilling skills.
All these options have reflected a positive return/ impact from which 79% of all the beneficiaries were put in their respective cooperatives, 12% have been recruited or permanently employed as a result of internship with in those private companies were the internship was carried out and 9% were taken back to school after realizing that they were still underage to adopt themselves into business or employment program and they had completed a 6 month intensive Accelerated Learning Program( ALP) that was offered to them in line with the designed curriculum by EDC- AKAZI KANOZE/ USAID in partnership with Strive Foundation Rwanda.

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